About Us

Once upon a time, 

There was an 7-year-old girl warring with her mother in her bedroom as they fought the ultimate clothing battle: 

{To butcher Shakespeare}...

"To wear jeans,
Or NOT to wear jeans, 
That is the question."

My practical mother posed that wearing jeans 3 days a week and "stretchy pants" (as I called the stirrup leggings of my youth) 2 days a week was reasonable...as those stretchy bottoms weren't REALLY pants {Blashphemy!}. She had grown concerned that I only opted for the stretchy stirrups every day if given the choice. It didn't seem like the proper thing to do. 

"Nooooooooo, the little legging-lover screamed as if she'd just been spanked with a leather belt while being told Santa and the Tooth Fairy weren't real all at one.

"Jeans 2 days a week, and stretchy pants 3 days a week!!!" she negotiated with a wail through hot tears. How dare she be required to wear those straitjackets for her legs known as jeans when she could be walking on marshmallow clouds and sunshine in the stretchable, wondrous bottoms that resounded with a William-Wallace-worthy-cry of "Freeeeeeeeeeedom," with every step. 

After all, she was a princess, and princesses don't wear pants.

They don leggings, tights, and tutus as they ride their winged unicorn into the fairy-dusted rainbow sunset.

Why was this so hard for adults to understand??


Her impassioned episode won over her mother's approval for the 60/40 split to fall in favor of her daughter's beloved leggings. 

But still, at that moment, the child born with a yearning for yoga-pant comfort vowed that the moment she entered adulthood and the choice was her own, EVERY DAY would be legging day. 

25 years later, that 7-year-old (who shockingly turns out to be me), launched a brand making it possible to do just that. Now, you too, can join the no-pants-no-problem movement and declare leg freedom once and for all. 

Itz Leg(ging) Day is a posh and playful, fashion-forward athleisure brand designed to make women look and feel like a million bucks in their everyday home and workout wear. Itz also the home of the "Magic" Butt Scrunch leggings that turn your buns from flat to oh-so-peach sculpted in an instant. Butt that's just the beginning. 

From leggings, to tanks, tees, and scrunchies, we've got you covered. 

Remember, life's too short to wear pants.


~A Legging Addict for Life 💖